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Welcome to Hi-Def Audio. Located in Mid-Michigan, we are an OEM for cable products for the high end audio/video market.

We provide audio cables and video cables for HDTV, dvd players, home theater, home audio, plasma displays, projectors and more~~~~todays higher end audio video equipment demand higher performance cables. By using proven cable engineering techniques and the highest quality materials, Hi-Def Audio manufactures cables that will allow you to gain the maximum performance from you equipment.  In house home theater wiring is also available if you are located in the Mid-Michigan area.

Our objective is to provide you with audio/videophile-grade cabling for your home audio and video components, without all the hype and voodoo. We do that, simply, by buying the very best in bulk cabling products and configuring them for your system, either in premeasured lengths or cut to order.

Our designs were and are still driven by our passion for listening to music and watching high definition video.

Our goal:

We wanted to design and build the best price vs. performance audio cables and computers available and have some fun doing it.

We are not big, nor will we ever be. What we are is true to our goal.

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